GEOINT in the Cloud

Situational awareness is key to understanding potential threats and how to respond. The National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) is our nations primary source for geointelligence. The NGA relies on multi-source data, and modern exploitation capabilities to fully harness the power of geointelligence. Using GEOINT capability in the cloud, the NGA has the ability to conduct and assess situations, as well as create and deliver intelligence reports.

During the Geospatial Keynote at HxGN LIVE, Mladen shows an example of GEOINT in the cloud using M.App X. M.App X, designed for modern defense and intelligence agencies, provides true cloud-based exploitation of diverse data sources. Through GEOINT in the cloud, defense departments are achieving higher levels of awareness, productivity, and better information distribution. M.App X synthesizes GIS and remote sensing workflows within a web browser, allowing defense organizations a way to connect to multi-source content, exploit that content, and deliver intelligence to support missions. M.App X provides a 360 degree form for doing intelligence and exploitation against multi-source content that is being collected by agencies.