GEOInformatics: Taking a Holistic Approach to Coping with Change

From ruptured water mains that flood major university campuses to finding unexploded ordinance on a golf course, the world can change drastically and suddenly. The costs associated with the change can mount with each passing minute. how can you quickly and accurately gather information to make intelligent decisions and begin mitigating the change? The Power Portfolio from Hexagon Geospatial is here to help.

In his article in GEOInformatics, Hexagon Geospatial President Mladen Stojic talks at length about how the world changes and how we deal with that change. The new Power Portfolio 2015 can help us harness that change and convert it into usable currency: information.

Power Portfolio 2015The Power Portfolio is divided into three suites, Producer, Provider , Platform, each of which contains the products to help you curate a specific waypoint in the geospatial data information lifecycle.

The Producer Suite empowers you to collect, process, analyze and understand raw geospatial data, ultimately delviering useable information. This suite includes Hexagon Geospatial’s desktop-based GeoMedia, ERDAS IMAGINE, IMAGINE Photogrammetry, and ImageStation products.

The Provider Suite gives you the power to organize all of your geospatial and business data into one centralized library. Plus, powerful compression technology optimizes disk space requirements ad ultimately reduces you total cost of ownership. ERDAS APOLLO and the ECW technologies comprise this Suite of tools.

The Platform Suite enables you to deliver information through a web, mobile, or smart solution. Build and extend customized geosptial apps and solutions with a sophisticated set of developer-focused technologies. This suite is made up of  GeoMedia Smart Client, GeoMedia WebMap, Geospatial Portal, Geospatial SDI, Mobile Alert, and Mobile MapWorks.

For the full scope of his vision, please read the full GEOInformatics article.

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