Planning for the Future: Finance and Infrastructure

Economists are expecting a mild economic rebound in within the next year, so working smarter and making the best use of your investments is key. It is also estimated that by 2050, 67% of the world’s population will live in urban areas. To support such rapid growth, cities need to be smart in the ways they plan, spend and build. Our IGNITE Finalists have developed apps to help individuals, organizations, cities, and local governments make the best use of information to get ahead and stay ahead. Learn more about the IGNITE Smart M.Apps from the Finance and Infrastructure category.


Mind M.App helps you make smart money decisions by recording complex knowledge gathered during research or investigation and combining it with external data sources, using RDF technology, to reveal connections.

Smart Port monitors numbers and types of ships at ports so you can make smart decisions for your global business strategy.

Field Research Planner lets you visually plan your market field research. Knowing survey sample size and distribution before heading to the field minimizes travel, saving you time and money.

GeoFarmer monitors fields and groves to determine change and measure month-to-month growth per field, providing valuable information to agricultural estimators, insurers and commodity traders.



Dynamic Monitor for Smart Charge Electric Transport predicts the most likely locations within a city for charging point requests. It also provides an overview of the most suitable locations for charging points, and visualizes the use of installed charging poles in public spaces.

AiGIS Tax Maps automatically georeferences US Tax Assessor maps, letting you visualize geographical characteristics of land parcels directly on a map. The information provided can be used to solve problems related to property valuation, land use, facilities development, emergency services, disaster planning and more.

Learn more about Hexagon Smart M.Apps and other Smart M.Apps submitted by our IGNITE Finalists.

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