Fearless Genius: The Foundation of the Digital Revolution

Driven by the power of ideas and a deep passion for innovation, the most successful business leaders during the Digital Revolution were able to move beyond failure.

During 1985 to 2000, Steve Jobs and other leading innovators laid the foundation for a technological revolution that has transformed our society.

At HxGN Live 2015, I had the opportunity to interview Doug Menuez, who authored Fearless Genius, which is a composition of photos of more than 70 leading innovators, such as Steve Jobs, who blazed a technology trail that lives on today.

During our interview Doug discussed how Steve Jobs was willing to sacrifice everything, while risking failure – especially when it came to critical demonstration of new innovations like the Newton.  Doug pointed out that it is through this learning process that today’s technologies are so efficient and effective.

I believe that Steve Jobs was a true renaissance man who fused art and design with technology to synthesize capabilities together in ways that created something completely new.  One of his major contributions—something that I hold close to my own vision—was his belief that products must be not only technologically advanced, but also simple to use.

At Hexagon Geospatial, we seek to emulate this vision. A map is a powerful tool, but if it doesn’t provide answers to your question, how useful is it? Similarly, a software program can be algorithmically advanced, but if it is not easy to use, it is a barrier to knowledge, not a gateway.

Much like Steve Jobs and other innovators who overcame their fear, we want to open the gates of geospatial to innovators who seek to utilize the wealth of information it contains. Through partnerships and Hexagon Smart M.App® platform, we want to empower people to build elegant, simple solutions that help organizations understand and influence change in ways that support business and operational performance.

I invite all of our readers to learn more about Doug through the recorded interview below, and please take the time to read Fearless Genius.  I am confident that it will inspire you as much as it did me.

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