Escaping the Flatlands and Igniting Your Map Experience

Maps are tremendously powerful ways to communicate information to people through a highly visual means. Computers and geospatial technology brought us powerful new ways to build maps and pass information on to others, but in many ways we are still stuck in a flat, 2D world. We need a way of escaping the flatlands and communicating geospatial information with new tools.

In his IGNITING Your M.App Experience keynote at HxGN LIVE 2016, Mladen talked some more about how Hexagon Geospatial is igniting passion and transforming the geospatial industry through its Power Portfolio and the Hexagon Smart M.App.

The video clip below contains the beginning of Mladen’s keynote. In it, he speaks about form givers. But what is a form giver? As humans, we are all form givers. We are constantly sensing the world around us and making note of, or giving form to the way we perceive things to communicate with others.

Mladen provides examples of famous people throughout history that were form givers, notably a man named Edward Tufte. In his book Envisioning Information, Tufte spoke about the importance of synthesizing art, data visualization and information design. He noted that the world is complex and multidimensional, but paper is flat and static. What we need is a way to escape the flatlands and communicate using methods that are clear, intuitive, and interesting to people.

At Hexagon Geospatial, it’s our job to give you the tools to provide form and make sense of the complex and dynamic world, so that we can grow and develop smarter ways of life. We use geography to provide insight about the earth, to help others better understand how things were, how they actually are, and how they may be one day. This in turn helps societies function more fluidly and makes it easier for people to complete other tasks and answer difficult questions in a more simplified fashion.

Watch the first part of the keynote below, and stay tuned here and on YouTube channel for more from Mladen’s keynote!

Part 1 of Mladen’s Geospatial Keynote: Escaping the Flatlands

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