ERDAS IMAGINE Training at HxGN LIVE 2017

Join us at HxGN LIVE 2017 in Las Vegas from 13-16 June and learn how organizations are using Hexagon Geospatial technology to work smarter. This year, the Geospatial Track offers an abundance of informative hands-on training sessions covering topics from the Power Portfolio Suites to M.App X to Hexagon Smart M.Apps and M.App Enterprise. Here’s a quick look at hands-on ERDAS IMAGINE training at the conference.

Tuesday 13 June 

1201 – Authoring Spatial Recipes Using the Graphical Spatial Model Editor (4 hours)

You are too busy to manually perform repetitious data processing and analysis on different datasets. This four-hour, hands-on course will teach you how the Spatial Model Editor can create sophisticated, reusable, and adaptable spatial recipes to automate the drudgery of geospatial processes. Learn about point cloud and vector operators in the modeling environment, and the power and flexibility of Spatial Modeler’s data processing. A realtime preview lets you instantly see the effect of changes to the model  even on large datasets.
In this class, you will build several practical component models to get to answers for geospatial problems. Learn how to construct recipes in the Spatial Model Editor in ERDAS IMAGINE, and apply these same skills to creating Spatial Recipes in and for GeoMedia, Spatial Workshop (M.App Studio), Smart M.Apps, M.App X and other environments.

Wednesday 14 June  Friday 16 June

3204 – Smarter Change Detection with ERDAS IMAGINE (2 hours)

Change makes geospatial data out-of-date almost as fast as the data can be collected. Property appraisers, forestry workers, and users in the defense industry all rely on timely and accurate identification of change. This session will teach you the basics of change detection and introduce you to ERDAS IMAGINE’s semi-automated zonal (area) change detection. Learn via hands-on training how this unique technique processes change on an area by area (zones) basis, how to prioritize the likelihood of change, and how to complete the final review process in record time.

3207 – Photogrammetry and Point Cloud Processing using ERDAS IMAGINE (2 hours)

We see a proliferation of images from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), high resolution digital cameras, and small imaging satellites. With greater access to this data, tools to accurately and efficiently extract information from these images become more critical. Using IMAGINE Photogrammetry, you will see how you can ingest and exploit images to generate ortho images, digital terrain models, contours, dense point clouds, and more. You will also learn how to interact with and further extract information from the point clouds that are generated from these images. We will look at interactive visualization, editing, and classifying and measurement of distances/volume both in a GUI and in a Spatial Modeler context.

3215 – Ask the Experts: Building and Troubleshooting Spatial Recipes (4 hours)

Do you have a question about a Spatial Model or Spatial Recipe you can solve? Bring it with you and ask the experts in this practical session. This is an opportunity to ask questions and learn new best practices for building efficient and well-conceived models.

In this session, we invite you to bring your own questions and work with us to finish or refine your model. If you do not have a model or can’t bring it, we will provide a sample scenario to use as you build a new model. Discover operators and other utilities, tips and tricks, and frequently encountered design issues. This is a hands-on, interactive session with company experts there to help. You may submit a problem before the conference for the class by emailing

Look for more updates from the Geospatial Track, and register for HxGN LIVE 2017 today!
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