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Hexagon Geospatial and PASCO Corporation co-hosted the ‘ERDAS IMAGINE & ERDAS APOLLO User Forum Japan 2014’ at Nakano Tokyo on October 29. Already in its fifth year, the annual user forum focused on:

JP-2014-HexGeo-PASCOconference-Workflow-EngWe are excited that this year, both the scale of the program and the size of facility increased! There were 3 sections – keynote, hands-on training and seminar – carried out in parallel for over 70 guests.

In the keynote, Jonathan Lee and and Yoichiro Ohta from Hexagon Geospatial in Asia-Pacific provided the product road map for 2015. There was much interest and excitement about the upcoming release. In the user presentation, Professor Gen of the Keio University and Associate Professor Kojima of the Gifu University provided case studies. At the National Security seminar, Jonathan Lee and Takahide Aso (also from Hexagon Geospatial) talked about the case study in the overseas security field of ERDAS APOLLO. This seminar had great interest from attendees and there were many attendants from the security related organizations in Japan.

Hexagon Geospatial Team

Hexagon Geospatial Team

At the social gathering banquet, users, keynote speakers, PASCO, and Hexagon Geospatial staff came together to exchange ideas and innovations.

Hexagon Geospatial looks forward to holding this user forum with PASCO next year with new case studies and program by speakers in various fields, and many more years to come.


10月29日(水)、中野コングレスクエアにて㈱パスコとの共催でERDAS IMAGINE & ERDAS APOLLO User Forum Japan 2014を開催しました。

今回で5回目の開催となる本User Forumは下記を目的に開催しています。


講演ではHexagon Geospatial(APAC)のJonathan Leeが製品ロードマップ及び次期バージョン2015に関するプレゼンを行い、出席者は高い関心を示しました。

Hexagon Geospatial Team

Hexagon Geospatial Team

分野別セミナーでは「国外安全保障機関における画像管理活用事例の紹介」としてERDAS APOLLOの海外安全保障分野での事例をJonathan Lee及び阿蘇が説明、日本国内の安全保障関連組織から多数の出席者がありました。

最後の懇親会ではユーザーや講演者、パスコ及び日本インターグラフ(Hexagon Geospatial)社との交流が行われ、成功裡に幕を閉じました。

User Forumは今後も様々な分野の講演者による事例紹介や新しいプログラムを企画し、毎年開催します。

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