Embracing the Winds of Change

Every day, around the world, we are witnessing dramatic change ranging from urbanization to natural disasters. We face some pretty big challenges in translating change to action. Action requires information. Understanding change requires data and content. It’s really that transformation that goes on from acquiring data to transforming information that we struggle in handling.

There have been visionaries that have recognized the power of wind. They understood that you could harness the power of change to something that makes sense to help people. Wind is a raw kinetic energy source. A wind turbine, with its three blades and turbine engine, has the ability to transform wind into power, into electricity. That makes sense.


Similarly, power and electricity are the information. The wind turbine is the geospatial software that translates geospatial content that can be customized as a solution to enable the world to make smarter decisions.

Data is the natural resource. Data is the wind. Across the various industries we work with, every organization struggles to understand the data, struggles with the frustration of knowing how to transform that data into information that can power decision making – so we can take action.

Taking a step back, and looking at the capabilities from Hexagon Geospatial, what we do with data is equivalent to what a wind turbine does with wind – produces something much more powerful and useful. Over the next few months, we will be introducing you to a new approach to understanding the geospatial information lifecycle, and describing the technology that Hexagon Geospatial provides.

If you missed HxGN Live 2014, please take a few minutes to watch the Geospatial keynote – I think you’ll be inspired by what we can do together!

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