ECWJP2 SDK v5.2 Almost Here

Our rolling release schedule will see the public ECWJP2 SDK v5.2 released a matter of weeks after the general Hexagon Geospatial Power Portfolio 2015 rollout making it the shortest turnaround yet.

Release highlights for v5.2 include,

  • New ability to update regions within an existing ECW v3 file without recompressing the whole file
  • Platform changes
    • 64-bit ARM (arm64-v8a) added for Apple iOS
    • Windows XP dropped from development and supported platforms
    • Deprecated Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (MSVC90)
    • Added Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 (MSVC120)
  • Significant performance and memory improvements for some JPEG2000 files
  • New Java JNI bindings on all supported platforms
  • Many other bug fixes and improvements

iPad Air 2 – ARM64-v8a A8X support … not a problem

With the impending Apple enforcement of 64-bit in February 2015, timing for the 5.2 release couldn’t be better for the 64-bit iOS release. From unboxing the new iPad Air 2, we were up and running in under an hour decoding the ever-reliable 756gigapixel landsat742.ecw image.

JPEG2000 once again received a lot of attention this release. The following chart shows one dataset, lossless compressed with 20 subtle changes to the encoding profile. Due to the complexity of the specification some interesting patterns emerge that clearly demonstrate which areas have been optimized over the course of the v5.x series. Many of these improvements will directly improve performance for common profiles used by Defence organisations as well as data suppliers such as Airbus DS and Digitalglobe.

JP2 improvments

Unless otherwise noted, Precinct size 128, 5 Quality Layers, PLT enabled, 32 Codeblock size, 5×3 Filter used

Of course ECW continues to see ongoing improvements as well, with average results over all of our tests showing,

  1. Single-thread line-by-line decoding is ~5% faster than v5.1
  2. Multi-threaded (4 threads) with small tile (1024px) decoding is ~19%
  3. Multi-threaded (8 threads) with small tile (256px) decoding is ~25%

Overall some great gains and some great reasons to upgrade to the latest version to keep your compressed imagery workflows working to its full potential. Keep an eye out on when the release drops on the product page.

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