Discussing Hexagon Smart M.Apps with Mladen Stojic

In this interview, Regional Partner Manager Mikkel Toft sits down with President Mladen Stojic to discuss his vision around the Hexagon Smart M.App platform and how he sees Hexagon Smart M.Apps transforming the geospatial industry.

Released last November at HxGN LIVE in Hong Kong, the Hexagon Smart M.App provides a cloud-based application platform for partners and build customized smart apps that deliver an information service. Hexagon Smart M.Apps provide an online dynamic experience and give users a way to visualize change through up-to-date content sources, 360° analytics, and targeted workflows. Each map can be tailored to provide specific answers to help solve real-world issues. Through data partnerships, the Hexagon Smart M.App has access to the most current data available, in order to always keep up with the world that is constantly changing around us.

M.App Chest and GeoApp.UAS are two cloud-based applications built upon Smart M.App technology. M.App Chest solves the problem of housing, managing, and sharing large volume geospatial data through the cloud. GeoApp.UAS, developed by our partner GEOSYSTEMS GmbH, enables users to upload, store, process, and deliver UAS data to customers quickly and efficiently.

There are an ever-increasing number of Smart M.Apps available on the M.App Exchange, check it out to learn more.

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