Crowdsourcing Conservation with Everybody Counts: My Safari

Conservation, apart from being important for the benefit of all living things, has a profound personal connection for millions of people. Through conservation we can prevent the decline of ecosystems and the extinction of animals. The first step to conserving the health of our natural world is to measure the number of animal and plant species that remain. Through crowdsourcing conservation efforts, Everybody Counts: My Safari provides an easy and accessible way for the general public to pitch in and track species populations.

Everybody Counts: My Safari combines Smart M.App technology with crowdsourcing smart phone apps used by ecotourists to help perform a census of endangered species in African Safari parks.

Features and Benefits of Everybody Counts: My Safari

Harness People’s Passion for Wildlife

Wildlife census is expensive, essential, and needs to be regularly repeated. By empowering people to report sightings, they become involved. This leads them to integrate the project into their value systems, and so promotes conservation in general. The project gives them ownership, and their passion drives them to contribute to the project willingly and for free.

No Barriers to Entry

Everyone is busy, and so removing barriers to entry is essential for crowd sourcing. No log-in is required; anonymous submissions are welcome. Better than not having the data at all – but less valuable than a submission from a user who has invested the time to register.

Easy Access to Data

We do the math so you don’t have to. Intelligent computing allows us to filter user submissions to identify cases where many users are reporting the same sighting. Essential numbers and results are displayed. Other critical data, such as recent animal deaths and pack, flock or herd numbers, are carefully tracked.

Environment Comparison

We have the ability to view multiple maps and heat-maps to quickly assess how terrain and other aspects of the environment influence populations.

See Everybody Counts: My Safari in Action

Everybody Counts: My Safari is available for a free trial or purchase on the M.App Exchange.

Congratulations again to Andrew Kerr for receiving an Honorable Mention for his Everybody Counts: My Safari Smart M.App!

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