What Can You See at INTERGEO 2016?

INTERGEO 2016 will be held 11-13 October, in Hamburg, Germany, and Hexagon Geospatial will team up with Aibotix, Leica Geosystems, 3DReshaper and our local partner Geosystems GmbH to demonstrate a variety of geospatial solutions.

The INTERGEO 2016 Hexagon Booth, located in Hall A3 Booth D3.022, will feature the latest innovative solutions in three different thematic areas: Surveying & Engineering, Digital Realities and Innovation.

Digital Realities

Smart M.Apps for Smart Cities

To make smart decisions, Smart Cities need a way to communicate information in a way that makes sense to non-experts. See real-world examples of how Hexagon Smart M.App gives cities the tools they need to rapidly prototype information service dashboards for the planning and decision-making. Visualize incident analysis (crime, utility outages, etc.), analyze the age and state of your road network, see a dashboard of real estate transactions, to name a few examples.

Asset Management

The real world and the digital world don’t always match up. Find out how to use GeoMedia Smart Client and GeoMedia to perform field capture and web editing of assets such as fire hydrants, sewers, signs, sidewalks, and roads.


Cloud-based app creation

The Hexagon Smart M.App has revolutionized the way we envision, experience and communicate geographic information. These targeted, information services combine fresh geospatial content and workflows to deliver an interactive experience that includes the map and an engaging dashboard of insightful analytics. Interested in learning more about creating and prototyping Hexagon Smart M.Apps? Find out here.

Privately-hosted Smart M.Apps

Hexagon Smart M.Apps are powerful tools designed for understanding specific business problems, but sometimes a business needs to keep their data and applications on premise.

  • M.App Enterprise lets organizations create and deploy Smart M.Apps to their internal users.
  • M.App X provides an entirely cloud-based solution that combines GIS and image analysis workflows for defense and geointelligence analysts.

Surveying and Engineering:

Building Inspection:

See how building inspections can become a regulated workflow. An administrator uses GeoMedia Smart Client to trigger the inspection and assign the building inspector. The field inspector connects Mobile MapWorks on their tablet. The field inspection can be performed, pictures attached to the record, and the changes—such as a new building height—are submitted for reviews. When approved, the published results are dynamically updated in the web map.

Street Light Inspection with Zeno

Sometimes the real-world location of assets like streetlights don’t match what is in your GIS database. See how a field inspector uses Mobile MapWorks and the Zeno 20 hi-res GPS to collect assets which are then validated with GeoMedia in the central office and published to the geospatial portal and displayed on mobile devices.

Geospatial Smartphone

Smartphones and tablets are everywhere. Do geospatial workflows have to be restricted to desktops and laptops? See the results of workflows from the other demo stations displayed in the Geospatial Portal real-time on right your smart device.

Wichmann Innovations Award

The Incident Analyzer Smart M.App has been nominated in the Software category for the prestigious Wichmann Innovations Award 2016. You can support Hexagon Geospatial by voting for Incident Analyzer as Best Software. Voting ends on 12 October 2016, 8pm (CEST Time).

IGNITE Your M.App Experience

Last but not least, Hexagon Geospatial President Mladen Stojic will share visionary approaches to solving challenging business problems from around the world. He speaks on 12 October at 2:30pm – 3:30pm in the Forum. Be sure to tune in as he demonstrates how Hexagon Geospatial technology helps “IGNITE your M.App Experience.”

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