Breaking Through I/O Bottlenecks with HP Workstation and HP Z Turbo Drive

Gaining access to critical geospatial data in a timely manner is essential for smarter decision-making.  One of the challenges in achieving rapid data readiness is dealing with inefficiencies in the hardware that supports data preparation.

In these modern times, it seems unlikely, but processing software functions on traditional desktop computers can still take days or even weeks.  In many cases, this has as much to do with the limitations of the computer hardware as the software application itself.

Thankfully, some companies are leading the charge in increasing data processing efficiencies.  Hexagon Geospatial is one of those companies, with powerful software solutions that maximize the capabilities of computer hardware in support of data processing and compression functionality.  With a Power Portfolio of proven solutions, Hexagon Geospatial helps organizations quickly sense, decide and act as the earth changes.

The product team at Hexagon Geospatial understands this formula: By speeding up the data preparation process, customers will be enabled to provide faster and more informed management decisions.

“For our customers, time is money,” explains Steve du Plessis, Director of Remote Sensing at Hexagon Geospatial. “Any productivity improvement while running our software means direct, quantifiable savings.”

When Hexagon Geospatial recently tested an HP Z Workstation with HP Z Turbo Drive, the workstation’s performance dramatically improved the company’s workflow productivity and also removed a longstanding I/O barrier.

The HP Z820 Workstation performance not only significantly cut processing time for core functions in ERDAS IMAGINE, it also provided key insights into future software development possibilities.

On one particular project, the company worked with 4 terabytes of data in about 2,000 separate image files covering the entire state of Oregon. Using ERDAS IMAGINE on the HP Z820 Workstation, Hexagon Geospatial combined and compressed the images into a single digital mosaicked image for fast easy access with significantly less storage required.

Jobs that previously took weeks can now be accomplished in days with the HP Z Workstation and HP Z turbo.

Remote sensing and photogrammetry software users work with big data, and are often confronted with the challenge of I/O bottlenecks.  Now, the extreme performance of the HP Z Workstation with an HP Z Turbo is guiding product teams at Hexagon Geospatial, who are crafting software improvements based on these specific tests.

Those enhancements to Hexagon Geospatial’s software will clearly improve the software’s efficiency as those customers improve their own hardware platforms. “So now we’re getting new insights into how to improve our software, based on what the HP Z Workstation with an HP Z Turbo can do,” says du Plessis.

This combination of hardware and software advances are ushering in a new era in geospatial data processing and management.  In the past, any user doing a very large mosaic would need outside resources to complete the task.  With the HP Z Workstation technology, Hexagon Geospatial software users can now consider processing a major mosaic themselves.

“The combination of our software and the HP Z Workstation technology lets you take all those tiles, create a single image that’s much smaller than the original, and serve it up very quickly—just as fast as you can typically get a single tile to display,” added du Plessis.

Organizations are constantly looking for better ways to drive operational efficiency and enhance decision-making.  New developments like these make that possible – by increasing the speed of extracting actionable intelligence from raw geospatial data.

Watch more about how Hexagon Geospatial harnesses the power of Z Turbo to power geoprocessing.

About the Author

Paul Beaty

Paul has been in the geospatial industry for over 25 years and has participated in various capacities including geospatial data production, project and product management, sales and technical sales, marketing, and customer support.

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