Bluecham Provides Decision-makers with Access to Remote Sensing Information

Mangroves in New Caledonia provide for fisheries and wood, and their economic value is estimated between USD 200,000 – 900,000 per hectare per year. These tidal forests, classified as a natural heritage, are faced with hazards ranging from cyclones to tsunamis that can greatly affect the fragile landscape and ecosystem. Bluecham SAS monitors and classifies mangroves for city planning and mining companies in southern New Caledonia – South Province, City of Dumbéa.

Scientific methodologies and IT solutions enable policymakers to make smarter decisions. Bluecham links scientific production and environmental decision-making with its web-hosted IT solutions. Using satellite data, Bluecham monitors changes, vegetation health, and activities in the mangroves. Due to the nature of its work, the company needs to handle very large satellite image data that can lead to longer processing time. Working with Intergraph, Bluecham implemented ERDAS IMAGINE® and IMAGINE Photogrammetry in its IT environment to tackle slow data analysis workflows as a result of large-sized input imagery. It recognised the need for a simplified and customised GUI to optimise data analysis processes.

Benefits of the Hexagon Geospatial Solution - remote sensing

Benefits of the Hexagon Geospatial Solution

“With the Hexagon Geospatial solution, we can process all remote sensing data types (including those from the latest satellites) very quickly. For example, we can process 50 GB of Worldview-2 data 10 times faster than with our previous data processing chain. We have also increased the accuracies of geographical location from 1.5 m to less than 50 cm.” says Rémi Andreoli, Head of Space Applications at Bluecham.

Read the full solution and learn about Bluecham’s plans moving forward. View and download case study.

Want to know more? Watch the webcast. Hear Steve du Plessis and Joe Mostowy will highlight how IMAGINE Auto DTM (an add-on module to IMAGINE Photogrammetry) can extract a new dimension of information from your imagery!

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