Best Stories of 2015 – Producer Suite Part 2

Although the year may be coming to an end, we will always remember our great accomplishments as they are told through our stories. This year we had several exciting events take place, from our HxGN LIVE conferences—one of which was our first-ever HxGN LIVE in Hong Kong— to the launch of the Hexagon Smart M.App platform, and the release of M.App Chest, M.App Studio and GeoApp.UAS.

Let’s take a look back at the Best Stories of the Producer Suite featuring GeoMedia and ImageStation for 2015.

Best Interview

Chaparral_Supercell_2Video: Cloud Computing with Producer Online
In this video, we hear from Hexagon Geospatial Product Line Directors for GIS and Remote Sensing on Producer Online. Producer Online allows users to access GeoMedia and ERDAS IMAGINE software on-demand through the cloud, while still leveraging the data security customers have set up in their networks.


Best News Story

Geospatial Endeavors in SpainHighlighting Geospatial Endeavors in Spain
Several exciting geospatial endeavors in Spain, such as the research taking place at the Institut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya (ICGC), put the country at the forefront of the geosptatial industry. This past year, ICGC implemented a complete data capture and 3D production system based on GeoMedia. Other events in Spain include Intergraph Day, a conference where Hexagon Geospatial, together with Intergraph, introduced the new interfaces and powerful workflows of the 2015 Power Portfolio.

huntsvilleImageStation Benchmark Results Are In
An ImageStation Performance study demonstrates noteworthy advances in photogrammetry software. The study includes performing automatic point matching, automated DTM extraction, and automated ortho production, including rectification, dodging and enhancement, seam line generation, tone balancing, and mosaicking.

Best Demonstration

Asset Management BlogPoint Clouds and 3D GIS Combine to Provide Asset Management Benefits
Airborne and terrestrial point clouds combine with 3D GIS to create new opportunities for rapid, intuitive, and accurate asset management. Learn how you can leverage an inventory of 3D models and use GIS Attribute Based Symbology (ABS) to replace 2D point systems with 3D representations to represent assets.


Viewshed Blog ImageUsing GeoMedia 3D to Identify Best Security Camera Placement
In this step-by-step demonstration, see how GeoMedia 3D viewshed analysis capabilities can be used to assist in the placement of security cameras. Placing multiple viewshed features can help determine the number, position, and location of the security cameras needed for complete coverage.


Best Developer Story

Point_ClusteringUsing Real-Time Data: How Geospatial Connect Provides Better GIS Decision Support
See how Geospatial Connect captures real-world data and makes it available to Geographic Information Systems (GIS), such as Geomedia, for real-time analysis, trend prediction and decision making. Geospatial Connect integration provides users with new capabilities to incorporate real-time information that can be used in many industries such as asset management, defense and intelligence, mining, disaster management, transportation, and more.

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