Streamlining Bathymetric Surveys with M.App Chest and GeoMedia

NeMeA logoEstablished in 2002, NeMeA Sistemi is an Italian SME company that specializes in geographic information systems and provides highly specialized solutions in data and systems integration, with a focus on start-up GIS for utility companies and local government. They are a Hexagon Geospatial dealer in Italy for GIS, remote sensing, photogrammetry and geospatial solutions, and currently provide solutions to over 400 customers.

In order to conduct bathymetric surveys on coastlines, reservoirs, lakes and rivers, NeMea Sistemi designed, built, and engineered a multifunctional USV (Unmanned Surface Vessel), called “HYDRA.” HYDRA was designed to collect geographical data from seabeds and lakebeds where bathymetrics are in a range between 0.15m and -180m. It is equipped with a centimetric GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receiver, a single-beam echosounder and an advanced sensoristic system, which allows it to collect bathymetric data and process it within GeoMedia GRID.

NeMeA Hydra

NeMea Sistemi recently had a project where their expertise was needed to support one of their most dynamic customers, Carloforte in San Pietro Island – Sardinia, on some important activities. During this project they were faced with several tasks such as conducting a bathymetric survey with USV HYDRA, surveying cemetery plots and their mapping via GeoMedia based custom command (“ADE”), and surveying the town’s street lighting infrastructure network via tablet and GeoMedia based custom command (“IP.NET”).

To assist with the Carloforte project, NeMeA Sistemi decided to use M.App Chest to make an HD orthophoto ​​available for all of their operators collecting data in the field. Orthoimagery data made it simple for all of NeMeA Sistemi’s operators to view the image from the field in a short amount of time, without WMS connection slowdowns. The GeoMedia custom commands helped to speed up the data collection process and allowed the USV HYDRA to operate with greater precision, which allowed the team to focus on mapping tombs and checking the streetlight infrastructure network. M.App Chest allowed the NeMea Sistemi team to make the best use of GeoMedia on multiple tablets and view and share their collected data quickly.

For more details, read the full case study, Carloforte Inventories Above Ground, Underground, and Beneath the Sea Data.

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