Asia Pacific Defence Summit: See What’s Next for GEOINT Technology

The requirements of the intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) solutions needed to support Defence organizations are becoming increasingly complex.

Today, there is a need for situational awareness across the entire Defence organization, from the geospatial and intelligence specialists to the operations staff and planners who need to understand the battlespace.

Situational awareness is key to understanding potential threats and how to respond. Modern Command and Control (C2) systems have allowed forces to execute missions better and faster than ever before, largely thanks to the networking of information flows, improvements in information sharing, and the consequent ability to process data at the more tactical and mobile HQ level.

On Thursday, 7 November, we are hosting the Asia Pacific Defence Summit at PARKROYAL Penang Resort, Penang, Malaysia, where we will highlight how Hexagon’s geospatial and location intelligence solutions can drive dynamic situational awareness and decision making across the Defence organization.

Major Highlights of the Summit

At the event, geospatial experts will be leading sessions on critical topics for mission success, including:

  • Transforming data into actionable intelligence
  • Creating a common operating picture
  • Ensuring mission success in real time

Don’t miss these key sessions, or the opportunity to network and connect with your industry peers! Register to attend.

Gaining A Strategic and Tactical Advantage through Real-time Location Intelligence

From safeguarding critical assets to creating a digital representation of surrounding landscapes, Hexagon helps users implement intuitive command and control systems with Luciad Portfolio. Our customers depend on the Luciad Portfolio for high-performance visualization that allows them to implement scalable solutions.

At the Summit, learn how you can employ advanced visual analytics to unlock the potential of real-time location intelligence and create the foundations for next-generation, 5D geospatial systems with Luciad Portfolio.

Analyzing Geospatial Big Data

Geospatial data is collected from a variety of static and live sources in diverse formats. In the Defence arena, it can be  time-consuming to analyse large amounts of location data and derive critical insights – time that is not always available in high-stakes environments. Thanks to technological advances like machine learning and artificial intelligence, imagery analysis can be automated, saving time, money, and valuable resources.

Join us at the Summit to see how these capabilities have been implemented into our technology, allowing users to better understand changes in the areas around them, and empowering them to make sure their next move brings them closer to operational success.

Location Intelligence within Canadian Armed Forces

In this session, led by Colonel (retired) Canadian Armed Forces Ken Cheddar, learn more about the Defence solutions that have been deployed across the organization, with particular focus on R&D Program involvement, and the Mapping & Charting Establishment’s use of Hexagon technology for location intelligence and geospatial capabilities.

Hexagon’s Technology Defence Roadmap

Geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) and information are key enablers of Battlespace Situational Awareness for military forces. As new ISR platforms and sensors come online, military forces around the world face daily challenges to collect, analyse, and disseminate an ever-increasing volume of rich imagery and intelligence products. In this session, Hexagon leaders will discuss the future of our technology, and how it will evolve to even better meet the needs of those interacting with geospatial Big Data, as well as provide situation awareness powered by the latest data visualization capabilities.

We invite you to join us for the Asia Pacific Defence Summit and see how Hexagon provides products, platforms, and applications that allow you to take situational awareness to the next level.

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