Appliance Nominated for Wichmann Innovations Award is No Coffee Maker

Cast Your Vote by 18 September

You have a choice between two appliances. One of them is your everyday coffee maker. The other is a software appliance that can notify you of abnormalities within the assets you manage as soon as they are detected.

Which would you choose?

If you manage a business such as a utility, the second appliance, called “Smart Monitoring Appliance for IoT,” would be your obvious choice because it pinpoints the problems that happen to your assets and enables you to further analyze the situation and intervene immediately, before the problems become emergencies.

Hexagon is honored that this new software appliance, created jointly with Fujitsu Technological Solutions, has been nominated for the 2019 Wichmann Innovations Award for best software. Companies from around the globe entered their products and applications to the competition. From hundreds of submissions, a jury of industry leaders selected 10 products and applications as finalists to receive votes from the general public.

This award is presented during INTERGEO, a global event uniting the geospatial community, which will take place this year in Stuttgart, Germany, from 17-19 September. INTERGEO typically welcomes more than 19,000 professional visitors from more than 100 countries, and all Wichmann Innovations Award nominees are showcased at this event that encourages and rewards innovation.

Monitoring air temperature in a computer lab

Monitoring air temperature in a computer lab, with charts for inside and outside air temperature.

A Closer Look at the Solution

For Smart Monitoring Appliance for IoT, Hexagon contributed the interactive visualization platform and the platform that integrates the sensors and analysis methods, while Fujitsu Technology Solutions provided the IT platform.

Nominations for the Wichmann award – like this software appliance –  are selected based on how well they meet the criteria of innovation, user-friendliness, and practicality.

Innovation for Monitoring Any Assets

No matter what users of the appliance are monitoring, there is no limit to the data sources they can include, such as satellite or UAV imagery, radar echoes, AIS (automatic tracking system for ships)  data, weather data, social media, and so forth. The monitoring appliance easily scales to the number of assets. Its platform incorporates deep learning to quickly identify the assets, which is critical when there are hundreds of thousands of them!

An Intuitive Interface

Self-service analytics are connected to the appliance with an intuitive map-centric dashboard that lets users configure dynamic business analytics charts (no programming is involved) to answer the questions they want to ask. They can query the system by using this dashboard, and the map visualizes the data in 2D or in 3D. All charts are interactive, and the selection of criteria affects both the other charts and the features displayed on the map.

The ability to filter data and time periods and the combination of filters creates insights to solve the problems at hand.

Departures and arrivals at London Gattwick airport in 3D

Departures and arrivals at London Gattwick airport in 3D of one day during 4-6 am; additional chart: average time delay of flights.

 24/7 Notification

By monitoring their assets remotely with this appliance, users can be notified right away when an asset requires attention, and which asset was impacted. Users can choose how they want to be notified, such as by email, text message, social media, etc. The appliance runs on any device, and, in addition, field workers can use mobile devices to update the status of assets after they have been repaired or maintenance performed. Customers subscribe to the appliance as a service, so no hardware or software needs to be purchased or installed.

Make your Choice

It’s your choice now – either make your coffee or help decide the trophy winner in the software category by voting for our Hexagon Geospatial / Fujitsu Technology Solutions nomination! You can only vote once, so please share with your colleagues and friends.

A few lucky participants in the online voting will receive a prize. One will win a Jochen Swiss Experience Box, and nine others will win subscriptions to select trade magazines or specialist books from the Wichmann publishing program.

The awards ceremony will take place as part of the closing event of INTERGEO. Voting ends on 18 September 2019!


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