Answer the DGI 2020 Challenge with Hexagon Solutions

Europe’s largest gathering for global geospatial intelligence leaders, Defence Geospatial Intelligence (DGI) 2020, will again include Hexagon as a sponsor, presenter, and exhibitor on 20-22 January at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London.

At the event, Hexagon will be reporting for duty with our latest geospatial technology in the exhibit hall at Stand #9, coming together with the event’s 650 attendees.

The focus of this year’s conference issues a challenge: “Are you ready to take full advantage of breakthroughs in imagery, AI/ML and remote sensing in your geospatial intelligence strategy?”

Join Hexagon’s Geospatial division at DGI 2020 to help you implement your geospatial intelligence strategy. See our solutions for yourself and learn how they enable you to:

  • Find the data you need from huge volumes of geospatial information, including imagery, as quickly as possible.
  • Manage, integrate and analyse vast amounts of geospatial and non-geospatial data for visualisation and exploitation in a dynamic common operational picture.
  • Add real-time data from multiple domains (air, land, sea, space and cyber) for command and control.
  • Extend these capabilities to the theatre and the tactical edge to support multi-domain operations.

At the Booth: See What’s New in Geospatial Division Technology

Visit us at Stand #9 in the exhibit hall to see the latest version of Hexagon products recently released:

  • ERDAS IMAGINE 2020 – A powerhouse for image analysis, the 2020 release brings additional machine and deep learning classifiers available as Spatial Model operators, enabling data-driven prediction and decision making. Also included are better rendering options for large imagery, as well as new spatial operators for feature, vector, raster and image data to enhance spatial and GIS analysis to gather dynamic insights.
  • M.App X 2020 – Cloud-deployable enterprise solution for using GEOINT workflows. The 2020 release incorporates the LuciadRIA browser visualisation engine for superior performance, and 3D viewing is now powered by LuciadFusion server solution as the terrain server. The geoprocessing engine now supports new operators in deep learning, machine learning, and radar processing.
  • GeoMedia 2020 – Additional and improved data connections translate to, for example, more options for the management and cartographic production of charts by using data-driven workflows from a single source.
  • Luciad V2019.0 – Still the best platform for situational awareness and real-time location intelligence, the V2019.0 release makes Luciad the only product portfolio in the industry that offers consistent military symbology support throughout all its products. With LuciadFusion V2019.0, users can now manage and publish elevation data in just a few clicks. See a sneak preview of LuciadCPillar, Hexagon’s answer to the growing demand for a mission-critical desktop API for the C++/C# community, which will be released in early 2020.

Guest Speaker: Dr. Uwe Jasnoch – Presales Director, APAC

Don’t miss this presentation from one of our very own at the event:

Applying Machine Learning for Gaining Information and Mission Advantages in Maritime
Monday, 20 January at 3:00 p.m. GMT

Hear Uwe discuss:

  • Using historic data to find anomalies in patterns-of-life behaviour.
  • Adding additional data sources to validate anomaly behaviour.
  • Using deep learning and other machine learning tools to fuse and analyse data sources.
  • Analysing and simulating alternatives for counteraction based on multi-option analytics.

We look forward to helping you implement your geospatial intelligence strategy at DGI 2020!

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