Announcing the Operation M.Appathon 2.0 Winner

One of the highlights of HxGN LIVE 2017 at the Venetian in Las Vegas was Operation M.Appathon 2.0. This M.Appathon challenged attendees at HxGN LIVE to build an innovative Hexagon Smart M.App from scratch in just three days. We provided a workbook with exercises, several hands-on training courses, and access to Smart M.App Experts in the Digital Geo area of the Zone.

The M.Appathon 2.0 area proved to be one of the hottest spots in the Zone, with people working diligently on their Smart M.Apps right up until the last second. They were charged with completing as many of the eleven missions from the workbook as possible in 3 days.

The final push to finishing the Smart M.Apps!

In the end, there could only be one winner, but it proved to be a close-run race, with only 10 points separating first and second place!

First Place Smart M.App

Sewer Health Monitor

The M.Appathon 2.0 First Place Winner

Alina Kmiecik (center) and Piotr Szrajber (right) present the award to Christopher Weindl (left).

Congratulations to M.Appathon 2.0 winner Christopher Weindl from the Gesellschaft beratender Ingenieure fuer Bau und EDV mbH  Co. KG, in Germany for the winning Smart M.App, the Sewer Health Monitor! Christopher won a free year of access to the M.App Studio so he can continue to build and develop Smart M.Apps.

The Problem

Today, decision makers from municipalities get static reports about the condition of their sewer system. These include tables with the costs for the redevelopment measures. The data is static and is usually missing any kind of visualization of the information. It is difficult to get a good overview where the problems and big damages are and how much it will cost to fix.

The first step in fixing the problems is to calculate the redevelopment measures progressively, in general per street, and make a time schedule over the next years. The frame of the schedule is set by the costs a municipality can spend in a year. Because the entire process is a static and labor-intensive, when something changes, you have to repeat the whole process again.

The Solution

The Sewer Health Monitor provides the decision makers with a complete visual and interactive overview of the condition of their sewer system. The Smart M.App shows the condition of every inspected manhole and sewage pipe and links them to all the information about the condition of their sewer system. Because it is a dynamic Smart M.App instead of a static map, it can dynamically address questions raised in planning meetings. For example, it can dynamically track the budget and warn before the plans exceed the amount of money available per year. The Smart M.App can also be linked to other departments, ensuring that they can coordinate efforts and minimize the effects on traffic.

Second Place Smart M.App

Refugee Population Monitor

In a very close second place was Antony Olali, Oakar Services Ltd., Kenya. His Smart M.App, Refugee Population Monitor, tries to address some of the common problems associated with the increasing refugee populations.Refugee camps in Kenya are growing, and the associated authorities need to be able to visualize the situation and make decisions quickly. Population data for each refugee camp exists, but it is trapped in static tabular format. This makes it difficult to analyze the data.

The Refugee Population Monitor Smart M.App allows users to dynamically analyze the situation at refugee camps in Kenya. The application provides the statistics on the population located in the camps, including the reported births and deaths. The dynamic map and Business Information widgets make it easy to filter the information in the display and assist in decision making on the support assigned for each location.

With the Smart M.App, the overall situation in camps is presented visually and dynamically through the active map and widgets. Thanks to its dynamic behavior the application provides an instant an answer to the questions: where the situation is stable? Which camp needs immediate support?

Third Place Smart M.App

Barbados Election Monitor

The third place Smart M.App was developed by Renee Babb, GeoOrbis Inc., Barbados. Since Barbados has a hotly contested election coming up in 2018, Renee decided to build a Smart M.App that allows citizens a better view into the results from polling districts. Elections results are often collated and displayed in tabular format. With Elections Analyser, users can visualize election results by polling district and compare the results from different election periods.

See the Smart M.Apps in Action

In the coming weeks, we will be posting the Smart M.Apps in the M.App Exchange, and featuring them on this blog, so keep watch here to learn more about the winning applications!

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