Automatically Georeference US Assessor Maps with AiGIS: US Tax Maps

All local governments in the United States use Assessor Maps, while many surveyor departments maintain CAD/GIS systems. Combining these data sets can be very labor intensive and costly. Rather than relating US Assessor maps and GIS data using attributes, local governments can now leverage the spatial relationships by automatically georeferencing them with AiGIS: US Tax Maps.

This Smart M.App enhances the value of different datasets through integration and allows large sets of raster data to be pulled into a vector based mapping environment through an automated process.

Features and Benefits of AiGIS: US Tax Maps

Exploit existing assets

Enhance the informational value of your existing assets through data integration.

Fully automated

Reduces data integration cost and time. Automatically determines tolerances and transform parameters.


Leverages the spatial relationships between the assessor and survey maps for a more correlated result.

On demand

Get data results or updates when you need them.

See AiGIS: US Tax Maps in Action

Interested in trying AiGIS: US Tax Maps? Visit the M.App Exchange to learn more about the various editions and pricing.

We would again like to congratulate Noel Kahn on his third place-winning Smart M.App, AiGIS: US Tax Maps.

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