3 Sweet and Spooky Halloween Maps

The spooky decorations are put out, the jack-o-lanterns are carved, the costumes are picked out, and it’s almost time to go door-to-door to say “trick or treat!” This year, our special treat for you are some interesting Halloween maps.

Halloween Candy State Map

America’s Favorite Halloween Candy

It’s that time of the year when candy sales flourish! This interactive map shows what the most popular Halloween candy sold in every state in the United States. Hover over each state to see the top three candies from each state, and the weight of candy sold. Candy corn looks to be the favorite!

Map of the Dead

Need to know how to survive a zombie apocalypse? Check out this map that points out nearby places that have resources and supplies to help you survive a zombie encounter, such as pharmacies, police stations grocery stores, gas stations and more! Simply type in your location, and let the map help you from there!

The 31 Most Haunted Places in the United States

Google Maps created a map featuring America’s 31 most haunted places. There’s a place to visit every day for each day of the month… if you dare! The map contains a variety of locations from houses, hotels, cemeteries, museums and more. Learn the history behind each of these places and the spirits that haunt them.

We hope you enjoy these maps, but most of all, have a safe and happy Halloween!



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