Steps to Geospatial Property Appraisal: Webcast Series

Hexagon Geospatial has teamed up with Leica Geosystems to revolutionize your appraisal workflows. Together, we produced multiple-step webcast series on how to take traditional Property Appraisal workflows and disentangle them from the unnecessary and costly back-office red tape. Instead, we use cutting-edge geospatial technology to morph these workflows in powerful web- and field-enabled solutions.

WeProperty-Appraisal-Webcast-Step-1-Parcel-Change-Detectionbcast First Steps: Geospatial Parcel Change Detection

Learn how you can accurately determine which properties require new appraisals for tax assessment. Focus your field efforts before leaving the office by comparing old and new imagery to calculate the probability of change in each parcel. Automatically generate a prioritized list of properties to visit first. See a live demo of Hexagon Geospatial semi-automated Parcel Change Detection Workflow in ERDAS IMAGINE.

Webcast Next Steps: Imagery Management and DistributionProperty-Appraisal-Step-3-Image-Management-and-Distribution-Webcast

One of the major challenges facing property appraisers and government departments today is how to efficiently store their increasing trove of imagery and data. By intelligently cataloging the metadata, ERDAS APOLLO makes imagery easy to find in your accessible to anyone in your department. Hexagon Geospatial also utilizes ECW technology, which can compress your data to 5-10% of its original size while remaining visually lossless.

Learn more about the Geospatial Solutions for Property Appraisal by reading the Property Appraisal Flyer or check out the Property Appraisal Website.

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