2015 Power Portfolio World Tour – Destination Vietnam

Since the Vietnam War, there have been many struggles for the country of Vietnam.  Many challenges face this proud country: water pollution, frequent power outages, and a large percentage of the population residing in remote mountainous areas are only a few. There is a dire need to for this industrializing nation to quickly and intelligently address these issues.

A rapid advancement in geospatial technologies have led to a paradigm shift in how governments are addressing their challenges. Through growth in technology and the building of smart cities, organisations can not only analyse and measure the data to describe the current state of affairs, but also to predict the mushrooming needs for the future.

For years Hexagon Geospatial has provided customers with best-of-breed products for measuring data and utilising real-time information to build a better tomorrow. Paving the path for geospatial technologies of the future, Hexagon Geospatial launched Power Portfolio 2015.

For the first time ever, and through the help of our local Vietnamese partners, Hexagon Geospatial brought two roadshows to Vietnam. These half-day events were held in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Focused on showcasing integrated products and solutions, our experts held live demonstrations, presentations, and interactive sessions with the attendees. The events were designed to be a perfect blend of delivering the best available knowledge along with in-depth discussions to bridge the gap between the real world and the digital world. Let’s take a quick look at both events.

Hanoi: Tuesday, July 07

hanoiThe event had a good mix of attendees from private industry, multilaterals, NGOs, and government sectors. The Hexagon Geospatial team showcased the capabilities of the Power Portfolio 2015 that enable communities, cities and governments to make smarter, more informed decisions and harness the global forces of change and better protect our growing world requirements.

Cognizant of local requirements like monitoring and mapping the environmental natural resources to preserve them in the near future, our experts demonstrated our powerful integrated products ranging from the benefits and uses of UAV Mapping with LIDAR and ERDAS IMAGINE, how to manage, measure and analyse big data using ERDAS APOLLO, to how our Mobile Alert App and Mobile MapWorks have unveiled cost effective ways of collecting actionable and ready to run cloud-based data.

Ho Chi Minh City: Wednesday, July 08

hcminhcityMoving on with the much enthusiasm, our team headed towards the South Vietnam and made a stop at Ho Chi Minh City to spread awareness on latest our products and solutions. As one of the largest cities in Vietnam, the focus was on showcasing a roadmap smart cities and smart nation using the Power Portfolio.

Through case studies on innovative and Smart Cities, Asset Management and Geospatial Mobility, our team brought forth detailed facts and description on how to achieve better governance, achieve competitive advantage, maintain a sustainable environment, and turn information into actionable intelligence for making smarter decisions.

We thank the support extended by our channel partners—True Tech, Vietnam GeoInformatics and Tecosfor the immense success of these events.

Learn more on Power Portfolio 2015 and how it helps you make sense of the dynamically changing world. Harmonizing our product offerings into three suites, we make it even easier for you to identify the technology that can help you succeed and our solutions for comprehensive management of distributed data stores, and delivery across desktop, mobile and web applications.

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