2015 Education Contest Winner Announced

This year, the U.S. Hexagon Geospatial Education Program was pleased to sponsor the inaugural Education Contest for HxGN LIVE. We wanted to highlight the new and innovative ways that the bright minds in our institutions of Higher Learning are utilizing the tools of the Power Portfolio to drive progress forward and expand our understanding of how geospatial technology helps us understand the dynamic nature of the world around us.

In this contest, we requested solicited abstracts from all of our Education customers. The prize is a free trip to HxGN LIVE in Las Vegas, including airfare, accommodations and meals while at the conference. In addition, the winner would be provided a chance to present their research to a wide variety of thought leaders and influencers in a special breakout session during the conference, and the opportunity to network with those leaders in multiple events at the conference.

…and the Winner of the HxGN LIVE 2015 Education Contest is…

Su Zhang, Student of GIScience, Remote Sensing, and Civil Engineering at the University of New Mexico!


Su Zhang, right, and his Advisory Professor, Dr. Christopher D. Lippitt, will both receive a trip to HxGN LIVE 2015 in Las Vegas

Mr. Zhang’s paper Pavement Surface Cracks Detection and Assessment Based on Hyper-spatial Resolution Natural Color Digital Aerial Photography will be presented on Wednesday, stay tuned to this blog and follow us on Twitter for more information!

The need for maintenance of infrastructure requires the routine monitoring of infrastructure status. Traditional assessment practices deploy engineers to perform on-site evaluations or airplane observations to evaluate areas that are inaccessible. The airplane approach lacks sufficient imagery detail and on-site observations are hindered by obstructed access. We therefore utilized an unmanned remote sensing systems (URSS), which can fly lower to the ground and collect detailed data without specially-designed, cost prohibitive sensors. Using roadway pavement assets as an example, this research explored the utility of hyper-spatial resolution (3-millimeter) multispectral digital aerial photography acquired from a low-altitude and low-cost URSS to permit characterization of detailed pavement surface distress conditions. 

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