Celebrating Our 100th eTraining Module

Milestones are meant to be acknowledged and today, we’re celebrating the posting of our 100th eTraining module. Our Hexagon Geospatial Product Team SME’s help create free and accessible content that answers questions, offers solutions, and provides tips to support our customers.

Since the launch of Hexagon Geospatial eTraining in 2014, we’ve had remarkable results within the last two years. Currently, we have a total of 112 videos spanning 11 product lines. Each eTraining module includes an instructional video and downloadable transcript to help you along the way.

Here are the module quantities by product line:

GeoMedia 26
GeoMedia Smart Client 12
ImageStation 12
IMAGINE Spatial Modeler 4
Licensing 3
M.App Portfolio 7
Mobile 4
Smart M.Apps 8
WebGIS 6

The top three most viewed videos are:

1 Introduction to Remote Sensing 1,503 views
2 Introduction to GeoMedia and the GeoWorkspace 970 view
3 Introduction to the ERDAS IMAGINE Workspace 850 views


New videos are being added to the collection each week. We encourage your feedback to help produce videos on the topics you need. Have you watched a video that was helpful? Give it HexPoints, so we know how you feel! Can’t find a video for a topic you’d like to see? Email us at training.hexagongeospatial.com

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