What is the Point to Shaping Smart Change?


We all want our work, and our lives, to matter.  Often, we find our sense of meaning by pouring ourselves into something bigger than us. This can happen by challenging the status quo and what has been accepted as “good enough.” We hope that we will have a measurable and meaningful impact – to transform something raw and expected into something awe-inspiring, and ultimately, better. We want to make a difference. We seek to be an agent of change. The catalyst for all of this is change.  It sparks the idea, drives our persistent and persevering work and cultivates a transformation.

Change may be an over-used word, but it can instill fear or apprehension in many of us. For some, it also evokes excitement. At Hexagon Geospatial, we are in the business of change – and we believe your work matters. Our world—and your area of interest—is constantly changing.  While this change is not always positive, our goal is to help you make sense of that change. We believe that static maps only give you a glimpse of what was.  Longitude and latitude connect points to form lines. Yet, there are infinite points and lines that can unlock meaningful insight.

Shaping Smart Change by First Making Sense of the World

Across Hexagon, we are committed to Shaping Smart Change. This means we also want to help you understand what is, what could be, and what should be. You not only need to be able to respond, you need to be able to plan, anticipating and preparing for the impacts of coming change. We believe better visualization combined with information services is powerful – and can be mission critical in protecting lives, as well as sustaining our natural resources and feeding the world. Shaping Smart Change matters – and it is bigger than us.

By providing form to your information, you have the insight you need to act.  This is the point of shaping smart change.


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Jason Sims

Jason leads a global team of product marketers, core content creators, and field and marketing operations. With over ten years of experience within the geospatial industry, Jason has led marketing efforts across multiple Hexagon brands. At Hexagon Geospatial, Jason combines his lifelong love for maps, relevant technology, compelling stories around geography, and effective communications. While he enjoys content strategy, digital marketing, and the social media onslaught, he is also a family man, and tries to still find time for running, hiking/backpacking, and some non-work related travel.

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