VIDEO: Tech Talk Series: Bruce Chaplin on the Provider Suite


In this video from the Hexagon Tech Talk series, Hexagon Geospatial Product Line Director for ERDAS APOLLO and ECW products Bruce Chaplin shares how the Provider Suite of the Power Portfolio helps you manage and deliver geospatial data to your end users, whether they use the web, desktop, or mobile devices.

The Provider Suite plays a vital role in the ecosystem of organizations seeking to utilize geospatial data for smarter decision making. Essentially, it is the Hub which curates and dispatches requests for geospatial data. ERDAS APOLLO provides a means to catalog, describe, manage the data created within products like the Producer Suite, and then serve that data back out to applications like the remote, web, and mobile applications within the Platform Suite. ECW compression minimizes the storage burden and optimizes the delivery of the data to the decision makers.

In addition to this, Bruce talks about the new Hexagon Point Cloud format which compresses large point clouds and enables them to be streamed over the web. Watch and see more and listen to Bruce’s vision for the Provider Suite in the future.


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