Video: Geospatial Cloud Computing


Today we continue our discussion on cloud computing and what we mean by Geospatial Cloud Computing. By its very nature, the “cloud” is of course an nebulous term, but when we talk about Geospatial Cloud Computing, we mean something more specific.

In the HxGN TV video, we talk with Brad Skelton about what Hexagon Geospatial specifically means by Computing in the cloud. In addition, we talk with Dr. Art Hitomi and Paul Hacker, two of the co-founders of Numecent, a cloud computing company and Hexagon Geospatial partner who use a technology called cloud paging and their Application Jukebox to deliver unprecedented performance and security to our users. Watch below to find out more.

Video: Computing in the Cloud

How is the cloud computing changing the landscape of the geospatial software industry? Brad Skelton, Hexagon Geospatial Chief Technology Officer, discusses the advent of cloud computing with Dr. Art Hitomi, Founder and CTO of Numecent, and Paul Hacker, Business Development of Numecent.


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