Streamline Property Appraisals with Parcel Change Detection: Webcast


Hexagon Geospatial has teamed up with Leica Geosystems to revolutionize your appraisal workflows. Tune in to our November 20 webcast, to learn how about how Geospatial Property Appraisal can revolutionize your workflow and save you time, effort and money.

Webcast Step 1: Geospatial Property Appraisal

Watch a webcast on  Parcel Change Detection – determining which properties require new appraisals for tax assessment.

Come learn how you can accurately determine which properties require new appraisals for tax assessment. Focus your field efforts before leaving the office by comparing old and new imagery to calculate the probability of change in each parcel. Automatically generate a prioritized list of properties to visit first. See a live demo of Hexagon Geospatial semi-automated Parcel Change Detection Workflow.

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Learn more about the Geospatial Solutions for Property Appraisal by reading the Property Appraisal Flyer or check out the Property Appraisal Web page.


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