Sanborn Oblique Analyst for ERDAS IMAGINE


At Hexagon Geospatial, we believe that geospatial implementations work best when they are a part of a larger IT ecosystem supporting multiple platforms and technologies. By combining our comprehensive portfolio with the expertise of our System Integrators, we can increase opportunities and improve efficiency for our users. That is why we are happy to announce the launch of Sanborn Oblique Analyst® as an extension for ERDAS IMAGINE.

The Sanborn Map Company, Inc. (Sanborn) has been in the mapping industry since 1866. They offer a range of remote sensing, imagery and lidar-related services, as well as oblique aerial imagery and software. Sanborn recognized the large user community of Hexagon Geospatial’s ERDAS IMAGINE and the increasing popularity of oblique imagery and developed a way to connect the oblique imagery data set to ERDAS IMAGINE’s remote sensing workflow.

Oblique imagery provides a way for users to view buildings, structures, and properties from five different views—nadir (looking straight down) and four 45° oblique angles captured from the north, south, east and west. Sanborn Oblique Analyst allows ERDAS IMAGINE users to select an area on a map, look at the imagery views of that area, select a view, and then pan and zoom around the selected area to measure, analyze and extract important information from the data.

Learn more about Sanborn Oblique Analyst and how to try a demo on Sanborn’s website.

Getting Another Perspective: Using Oblique Imagery to Supplement Image Analysis Workflows

In this video, Jay Pongonis speaks with Jason Caldwell of Sanborn about the Sanborn Oblique Analyst extension for ERDAS IMAGINE.


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