Agriculture Paper Wins Remote Sensing Award at Curtin University


The Department of Spatial Sciences at Curtin University annually conducts a ceremony to recognize students and researchers within the department for their achievements. Awards are given to top students for a variety of projects and honors dissertations in Spatial Sciences Hexagon Geospatial, along with other geospatial companies, has been proud to sponsor an award for the past five years.

Curtin University Group Photo 2016

This year’s award ceremony took place on May 26, 2016 at the university located in Perth. The Hexagon Geospatial sponsored award was given to honors student, Mr. John Long, for his honors dissertation entitled, ‘Crop Height Monitoring Using a Consumer Grade Camera and UAV Technology’. Angela Manchester, Technical Support Specialist Hexagon Geospatial, had the honor of presenting the award on behalf of Hexagon Geospatial.

Mr. Long’s honors dissertation involved one field trial featuring a variety of wheat crop treatments. UAV data surface models were created to capture five time periods and display the crop growth rates over time, as well as overall height. Crop growth against individual treatments was also of special interest. The final result illustrated changes in height represented in a scaled color scheme where red indicates areas of limited growth and blue indicates areas of significant growth. Using this model as a supporting tool, a grower can better identify the best treatment for their wheat crop using remote sensing.

In Curtin University’s ongoing pursuit to offer the latest and most relevant course content to their students, Hexagon Geospatial’s ERDAS IMAGINE will now be added to the Remote Sensing Course enabling students to experience and utilize its new features and enhancements. This initiative has been made possible in part due to the Hexagon Geospatial U Program, which offers free technical training content for university professors.


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