Real Time Data Collection with Mobile MapWorks


GIS data does not begin in the office or on the desktop.  GIS data represents the real world and influences decisions that impact everyday human interactions with the world.

Doesn’t it make sense, to collect our data with this global perspective in mind?

Mobile MapWorksMobile-MapWorks-2015, offered within the Platform Suite of the Power Portfolio, is a practical tool for local governments, transportation authorities, utilities, communications providers, and more. Easy to configure, this app enables you to directly see, edit, validate, and update your enterprise GIS data from the field in real time.

Mobile MapWorks lets you easily leverage the knowledge of field personnel to ensure that your GIS data accurately reflects the real world. Users can easily control update capabilities, enabling more personnel to participate in field coverage.  The application’s simple and intuitive user interface requires little training and makes new users more productive in little or no time.

To help get you started quickly, Hexagon GeoSpatial eTraining has released two Mobile MapWorks training modules.

  • Using Mobile MapWorks Layer Control – Introduces the tools to quickly change you map display for the most efficient navigation and data collection.
  • Using the Mobile MapWorks Naviagion Controls – Introduces available search and navigation methods useful when collecting real time data.

These modules make getting started with this easy to use app, even easier.  To view these and other new eTraining modules please visit the eTraining page.

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Michelle Mostowy

Michelle Mostowy is the Training Project Manager with Hexagon Geospatial. In her current role, she coordinates and develops online training modules that empower customers with an on-demand knowledge base across our product lines. Having been with Hexagon Geospatial, ERDAS, and Intergraph for 10 years, Michelle has traveled the globe as a customer educator, teaching introductory and advanced-level topics across a wide variety of industries. Michelle holds a BS in Environmental Geology and a Master of Science in Space Studies from the University of North Dakota.

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