German Space Technology Company OHB Group Selects Intergraph to Manage Big Data


Today, we are highlighting how OHB Group, Germany’s major space system company, has selected Intergraph to provide long-term storage and cataloging of earth observation data as part of a satellite system.

The company will be utilizing Hexagon Geospatial’s server architecture, including ERDAS APOLLO, which will provide services for management, retrieval and ingestion of the data. In addition to long-term storage of processed images, the archive will also store raw image data and provide a catalogue of all filed data for investigation or research purposes.

OHB groupOHB is specialized in low-orbit and geostationary small satellites for navigation, communications, Earth observation and scientific research, as well as reconnaissance satellites and instruments for broadband wireless transmission of reconnaissance image data for greater security and reconnaissance.

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Georg Hammerer

Georg Hammerer is the Chief Sales Officer for Hexagon Geospatial, leading the sales team and business development efforts worldwide. Prior to this position, he was the Product Line Director for Intergraph’s geospatial server products and the managing director of Intergraph Austria. He has been the lead for development for the GeoMedia Smart Client since 2007.