Intergraph to Help Shape Next-Generation Cities


Today, we are highlighting news from Intergraph SG&I. The company recently announced that it is working with Microsoft on CityNext, which is an initiative designed to help governments, businesses and citizens reimagine what is next for their cities.

Through the CityNext initiative, Microsoft and Intergraph are developing plans to combine the power of technology with innovative ideas to connect governments, businesses and citizens with city services. The goal of this effort is to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, foster a more sustainable environment and cultivate communities where people thrive.

This new program comes at an ideal time. For the first time in history, more than 50 percent of the world’s population lives in urban areas and nearly 70 percent of people will live in cities by 2050.

According to the press release announcing this new initiative, this ongoing migration creates unprecedented opportunities, but also intensifies problems such as aging infrastructure, hazards to public health and safety, pollution, crime and traffic.

CityNext aims to address these issues, and pave the way for enhancing urban living for the global population into the future and beyond.

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Georg Hammerer

Georg Hammerer is the Chief Sales Officer for Hexagon Geospatial, leading the sales team and business development efforts worldwide. Prior to this position, he was the Product Line Director for Intergraph’s geospatial server products and the managing director of Intergraph Austria. He has been the lead for development for the GeoMedia Smart Client since 2007.