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ERDAS IMAGINE and the Spatial Modeler are two of the most powerful tools in the Remote Sensing industry. ERDAS IMAGINE combines over 35 years of raster experience with cutting-edge geospatial technology to bring you a powerful, extensive, and user-friendly remote sensing package. The Spatial Modeler, designed to allow you to quickly and easily string together geoprocesses in an easy and intuitive fashion, extends the capabilities of ERDAS IMAGINE to new levels. In this blog, Ruth Lutz will talk some more about how you can extend the Spatial Modeler beyond the already extensive set of operators included with ERDAS IMAGINE.

In his article on Like Parkour for Geoprocessing: The IMAGINE Spatial Modeler Part 2, Steve mentioned that one way for C++-savvy customers to extend the Spatial Modeler is by using the Spatial Modeler SDK.

The Spatial Modeler SDK (SMSDK) is a toolkit for building, modifying and running workflows, designed specifically for geospatial data.  Everything that you can do in the Spatial Modeler Editor you can do with C++ using the SMSDK.  This gives you the ability to create and automate complex workflows.  The SMSDK also allows you to extend the Spatial Modeler by creating plug-in DLLs that contain operators, data types, type conversions, configuration/customization dialogs, and data requests.  These plugins are discoverable at runtime, so the objects you create are automatically available for use in the Spatial Models you develop in IMAGINE.

You can create operators to perform elaborate or user-specific algorithms or to integrate other C++-compatible toolkits.  Custom data types can be used to pass user-specific data between operators, and type conversions can be created to automatically convert these custom data types to built-in data types, allowing you custom operators to connect to built-in operators.  Configuration/customization dialogs let you create a GUI for your custom operators and/or data types.

This allows you to create building blocks that, combined with those built into IMAGINE, can be put together in endless ways to build tools to make your work easier and more productive.


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Steve du Plessis

Steve du Plessis began his career in production photogrammetry in South Africa. In 1999, Steve joined ERDAS in the Atlanta headquarters as a Technical Marketing Manager, then as a Regional Manager for Europe Africa and Middle East. Steve later moved to the Singapore office, serving as the SE Asia Regional Manager, and then to the Perth, Australia office where he managed a direct sales territory. In 2010, Steve returned to Atlanta as the Photogrammetry Product Line Director then Global Product Line Executive and now Steve works with Intergraph Government Services, servicing US Federal accounts. Steve has more than 15 years of experience in the geospatial industry.

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