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At Hexagon Geospatial, we are working to provide a new mapping experience for all of our users. As you heard in Part 1 of the Geospatial Keynote, we are still stuck in the flatlands – a 2D world. But we have bigger visions for mapping, and we are able to do more.

In Part 3 of Mladen’s Geospatial Keynote, he talks about the ways Hexagon Geospatial is working to provide new ways to deliver data and enterprise workflows. Mladen notes that GIS and CAD systems still work, but we are capable of more. We want this new mapping experience to be dynamic, like our changing world is dynamic. We want users to have a fresh, connected experience where data is presented in real-time. Once we are able to understand “what is” with real-time information we can then start to understand “what can be” and uncover an entire new way of looking at things.

95 percent of the world’s spatial databases are in 2D, meaning they contain no elevation information. But our world isn’t flat, so shouldn’t we have all of the pieces? Data is collected in 3D, but we strip it down for 2D maps. As we begin to migrate from these 2D static maps, we need to give data a new form to better understand our world.

Over the years, we’ve made progress. We are now operating in a 3D world, but that is still only limited to visualization. We are looking at the world as it was in 3D, not necessarily in real-time. Now, we have the necessary technology to capture data as it happens in 4D, but we would like to take things one step further. We would like to make mapping a communication experience – 5D. With 5D mapping, we can begin to predict the future for better decision-making.


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