Hexagon Smart M.App Training at HxGN LIVE


Gain the information you need and refresh your skills at HxGN LIVE 2017!  Make sure you take advantage of complimentary training taught by our technology experts to get the most out of your conference experience. Here’s a quick look at hands-on Hexagon Smart M.App training at the conference.

Half-Day Classes: Tuesday (13 June)

1202 – Introduction to M.App Studio

Hexagon Smart M.Apps are lightweight, data-driven applications that provide targeted solutions to your business problems. Each Smart M.App combines multi-source content, sophisticated analytics, and tailored workflows, fused together into a dynamic user experience. Hexagon Geospatial’s M.App Studio web application empowers you to design, build, and publish Hexagon Smart M.Apps using an intuitive, interactive framework. This hands-on session will use M.App Studio to design a Smart M.App layout, connect it to content, define its analytics, model the workflow, and publish it to the online store.

1203 – Create and Share Smart M.Apps in M.App Enterprise

Take a deep dive into the details of M.App Enterprise. We will cover everything from the basics of importing raster and vector data to creating different apps with the data. We will cover several different approaches to creating apps. You will create desktop apps, which give you access to a deep set of functionality, but you will also create slim browser-based apps with Business Intelligence Charts. You will create your own OGC Services and then access them in the desktop client as well as in the browser. You will also gain experience in styling your vector data.

2-Hour Classes: Wednesday – Friday (14 – 16 June)

3202 – Create Spatial Recipes to Define Geoprocesses in Your Smart M.App

Learn to maximize the power of your Smart M.App by using the Spatial Workshop to create custom spatial recipes. In this two-hour training session you will become familiar with the Spatial Workshop, how to build and customize your spatial recipes, and publish them for use in M.App Studio.

3206 – Enhance the Power of Your Smart M.App with Analyzer Templates

Learn how the Analyzer Smart M.App, Analyzer Toolkit, and Analyzer Templates quickly add value to your Smart M.App Ecosystem. In this training class, you will see how to get the most out of Incident Analyzer, Area Analyzer, Network Analyzer, and Feature Analyzer applications. Come learn how to build, share, and disseminate new and intuitive Analyzer views, applications, and websites that encourage the self-guided investigative learning process. The Analyzer products will empower your users, allowing them to quickly make sense of their data and gain insight that they never knew existed.

3209 – Building Business Intelligence Geovisualizations with M.App Studio

Learn how to create a complete business intelligence-based Smart M.App without relying on complex code languages. The easy-to-use interface in M.App Studio allows you to quickly configure BI widgets to best represent your data. Get familiar with the advanced configurations of different types of BI widgets in M.App Studio. See how others are using M.App Studio to configure advanced Geovisualizations.

3212 – M.App Enterprise Quick Start

Find out what’s new in M.App Enterprise. Learn about data handling and see how easy it is to set up Smart M.Apps that meet your unique requirements. Create or use desktop apps with a rich client in the background,which give you access to a deep set of functionality. We will also look at slim client browser apps, which allow you to add Business Intelligence widgets and other functions to your base map.

3213 – Automate Data Workflows with the Smart M.App Platform

Learn how users can discover, preview, and order free and paid data with the Smart M.App platform. See how JavaScript developers can build Smart M.Apps that automate the data acquisition workflows to achieve automatic data discovery, order, and processing.

Look for more updates from the Geospatial Track, and register for HxGN LIVE 2017 today!

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