Hexagon Geospatial to Showcase Global Leadership at imaGIne 2014


In the European community, the effective use of geospatial technology continues reaching in to virtually every industry.

Rightly so, as the region is known for being advanced in its use of geospatial software to enhance operational performance and address critical needs for everything, from infrastructure planning to agriculture, and tourism to disaster response.

According to a report published last year by Google and Oxera, a leading U.K. economic research firm, the global geospatial sector is at $150-270 billion annually, which is one-third the size of the global airline industry. In addition, the report showed that the geospatial sector is poised to grow 30 percent annually.

Hexagon Geospatial is currently helping meet this expanded need on a worldwide scale.  In fact, we will be showcasing many of our solutions and insights, which will help European organizations maximize overall performance and enhance decision making, at the upcoming imaGIne 2014 Conference, taking place next month in Berlin.

We will be hosting a workshop about real-time data processing titled, “Make Sense of Big and Real-Time Data for Better Action in Dynamic Situations.”  As the title of the workshop suggests, we will be providing a roadmap for organizations turn data into actionable intelligence.

During HxGN Live 2014, we announced that CloudEO is launching a commercial marketplace for geo-data and applications, which we will hear more about during this workshop.

In addition, I will deliver a keynote address at imaGine 2014 titled: “European GI: Key Strengths & Weaknesses — Evolution & Trends,” which will highlight key opportunities and hurdles that the European community faces when implementing geospatial technology.

At imaGIne 2014, our partners, customers and prospects will get a sense of the power of Hexagon Geospatial’s offerings, and how we can help propel operational success at any level for any organization.

This is a very exciting time for our sector in Europe, and we look forward to playing a key role in its rapid growth.

See you all in Berlin!


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Claudio Mingrino

Claudio Mingrino is Vice President, Global Strategic Partnerships. He is a business development executive with deep expertise in driving and achieving growth objectives in diverse, foreign markets. Claudio has worked in information technology for over 30 years and combines broad experience in sales and market penetration strategies with a solid understanding of business operations management. In 1994 he joined Intergraph as Business Unit Manager of the global indirect channel for Italy and Greece, and later became Country and Legal Entity Manager for Italy in 2000. In 2012 Claudio became EMEA Director for all Hexagon initiatives and, in January 2014, joined Hexagon Geospatial as EMEA Executive Director. Claudio is a lover of sports and finds time to cycle, ski and swim. He is also an avid traveler and likes to spend quieter times reading about art and history.

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