Hexagon Geospatial Employee Wins Brussels Marathon


It goes without saying that the Hexagon Geospatial has a winning team of employees.  Every day, we bring a new level of dedication to allowing our users leverage our geospatial software solutions for managing the ever-changing world.

However, this dedication also occurs in the athletic realm. Florent Caelen, a new Pre-Sales and Support Manager for the EMEA region, recently took this winning concept to a whole new level.

Earlier this month, he actually won the Brussels Marathon.  Beating out 2,700 other runners, and clocking 42,195 km in a little over two hours, Florent brought an unprecedented level of intensity and competitiveness that allowed him to emerge as the leader of the pack.

Winner Florent Caelen (center) with Paul Kiprop (left) and Michael Brand Bourg (right). Image courtesy Reuters.

As expected, Florent captured the media’s attention in Brussels, and be sure to check out this profile of him by Radio Télévision Belge Francophone (RTBF).

Congratulations to Florent for achieving such a major athletic feat!


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