Strategic Planning: Health and Safety


Did you know that we spend 6.5 trillion US dollars a year in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of health issues worldwide? Our health is affected not only by diseases and pathogens but by factors in our environment. In order to address these environmental factors, it’s important that we are able to quickly identify threats to improve planning and response. During the IGNITE competition, our finalists created several Smart M.Apps that provide the ability to understand changing conditions and their impact on communities. Learn more about the IGNITE Smart M.Apps from the Health and Safety categories.


aNoise Estimator – Elevated noise levels have been attributed to an array of health problems: hearing impairment, high blood pressure, ischemic heart disease, anxiety, and interrupted sleep. The aNoise Estimator Smart M.App estimates noise levels at specific locations.

Smart Emission M.App – Knowing the current air condition is important in the prevention and treatment of certain health issues. This Smart M.App shows air temperature, humidity, and pressure, as well as nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide, and ozone levels.

Mind M.App – Diagnosing and treating illness requires hours of research and complex decisions. This Smart M.App can aid in decisions by mapping any number of attributes and connecting them to draw inferences.



aNoise Estimator – Road noise can be a big factor in general well-being for some people. This Smart M.App analyzes an area for road noise to aid in smart decision making.

Safe Neighborhoods – Before you travel or relocate, see what counties in the contiguous United States are safer according to a crime index calculated from demographic data and crime statistics.

Mind M.App – Scientists from many disciplines can use this Smart M.App to map any number of attributes and connect them to draw inferences.

Learn more about Hexagon Smart M.Apps and other Smart M.Apps submitted by our IGNITE Finalists.


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