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This year at HxGN LIVE, we have a number of classes available to help you get started or refresh your skills to make sure you are getting the most from your geospatial data. Join us and be sure to take advantage of hands-on training taught by our industry experts. Here’s a quick look at hands-on GeoMedia training at the conference.

Half-Day Classes: Tuesday (13 June)

1204 – Exploring Spatial Models in GeoMedia

The Spatial Modeler capabilities in GeoMedia 2017 provide the ability to generate, execute, and manage spatial models in the GeoMedia environment by using the Spatial Model Editor utility, the Run Spatial Model command,and the Explorer Window. This session will evaluate assorted components and characteristics of these commands to give you an in-depth understanding of the overall Spatial Modeler environment. This includes comparisons for data input and output, which can have implications for the spatial models used within GeoMedia or in external applications such as IMAGINE and APOLLO. We will also evaluate the operational aspects of the Run Spatial Model command and the Explorer Window to illustrate how Spatial Models are integrated within GeoMedia.

2-Hour Classes: Wednesday – Friday (14 – 16 June)

3203 – GeoMedia: Creating Spatial Models in GeoMedia

The Spatial Model Editor delivered with GeoMedia provides the functionality to create and edit your own spatial models. These operators will allow you to build parameterized workflows using Spatial Modeler that are reusable, adaptable, and will provide repeatable results. Learn how to operate on both geometry and attributes in a vector dataset as well as raster data. This hands-on course will teach you the basics of the Spatial Model Editor utility to create, edit, and run spatial models – utilizing several different operators including the Preview operator, which provides the ability to visualize the results of the processing in a map display.

3211 – Working in the Third Dimension with GeoMedia 3D

GeoMedia 3D empowers you to take the 2D GIS world and quickly convert it to 3D without losing any of the analytic and dynamic power of GeoMedia. With GeoMedia 3D you can effectively create a 3D representation of your GIS data. In this session, you will learn how to leverage GeoMedia desktop commands in tandem with a wide variety of GeoMedia 3D commands and styles to seamlessly visualize your geospatial analytics.
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