Cycling to Reduce Emissions


Studies show that emission from transportation have a large effect on our quality of life. Problems regarding air quality not only need to be addressed by the government, but citizens can help maintain a healthier environment too. Deventer, citizen (from the Netherlands), Arjen Haayman took it upon himself to reduce his carbon footprint by cycling 1100+ kilometers from the Netherlands to Poland for a business trip.

Reducing Emissions from Transportation

Arjen, a Technical Consultant at IMAGEM cares about the environment and is committed to a green lifestyle. He regularly bikes 35 kilometers to his office in Apeldoorn every day. Not only is biking cost efficient, good for health, helps avoid traffic, it is also good for the environment and cuts down on emissions from motorized transportation.

Beginning in the last week of October 2017 from Deventer, Arjen cycled all the way to Lodz, crossing boarders in Europe, and completed his journey to Poland in only six days – a day ahead of schedule. He was joined by two of his colleagues from Hexagon Geospatial for the final 40 kilometers of his trip.

Using Geospatial Technology to Reduce Emissions

Coincidentally, Arjen and IMAGEM have been working with the Municipality of Nijmegen in The Netherlands on the Smart Emission Smart M.App, an application that makes it possible for citizens to monitor air and noise-pollution on an interactive dashboard.

This is an area where geospatial technology can be utilized to capture the world quickly and effectively, monitor change, aid in prevention, streamline decision-making and allow for quick actions to be made.

Arjen returned safely to the Netherlands on November 17, 2017 by cycling for another 1100+ kilometers, clocking a total of 2200+ kilometers of his staggered journey. IMAGEM and Hexagon Geospatial are proud of Arjen’s contributions to help protect the environment. We support his efforts to accelerate awareness and reduce emissions that contribute to pollution and global warming.

Watch his story here:

You can learn about Arjen’s round-trip journey from the Netherlands, to Poland, and back again at


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