Our Breathtaking World As Seen From Above


As geospatial professionals, we often take for granted the sheer beauty of our breathtaking world.  When viewed through the right lens, our world is truly breathtaking. For example, this story features 30 stunning images of various locations on Earth that will take your breath away.


Vineyards swirl on the hills of Huelva, Spain. Image copyright Digital Globe.

The imagery was taken from Digital Globe and features diverse regions ranging from Barcelona, Spain to Las Vegas, Nevada – home of HxGN Live 2014.

The article also reinforces how capturing imagery is only one part of the equation.  Organizations around the globe are using solutions from Hexagon Geospatial to make the imagery data collected truly valuable from a decision-making perspective.

The analysis and insights gained from both imagery and the data processing side is very powerful.  From state and local governments to utilities and beyond, virtually every organization can benefit from spatial data.

In addition, as our world changes at a rapid pace, we need to make sense of these transformations in ways that help expand commerce, support public safety and disaster response, and help government run more effectively and efficiently.

Today’s geospatial solutions allow organizations to manage this evolution.  Of course, we all should not forget about the true beauty of our planet.


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