Dave Holmes

Dave Holmes is currently a Business Consultant assisting with strategic marketing and business development for Hexagon Geospatial, a division of Hexagon. He has been with Intergraph / Hexagon Corporation for 31 years in different capacities including investment planning, sales operations, product management, and development.3 Articles

Paul Beaty

Paul Beaty currently works for Hexagon Geospatial as a product manager for ERDAS IMAGINE and ERDAS ER Mapper. Paul has been in the geospatial industry for over 25 years and has participated in various capacities including geospatial data production, project and product management, sales and technical sales, marketing, and customer support.3 Articles

Lukasz Baraniak joined Intergraph in 2009 to work on the then existing GeoMedia SDI Pro and has been involved in server-side development ever since. He is a self-proclaimed software archaeologist, that loves to dig through layers of legacy code in search of software gems. Currently, Lukasz focuses on GeoMedia WebMap, but he also assists in Geospatial SDI and Geospatial Portal development.3 Articles

Zaiyong Gou

A veteran of ERDAS IMAGINE development, Zaiyong has been the head of its engineering team for 14 years. Graduated with a Ph.D. in GIS from the Ohio State University, he joined ERDAS in 1993 and has fought in the front line ever since.3 Articles

Desmond Khor

Desmond is marketing manager for Intergraph Canada. His responsibility is to the Security, Government & Infrastructure (SG&I) division, a division that is engaged in the sales, marketing, delivery and ongoing support of location-based management and operational systems. In his role, Desmond markets Hexagon Geospatial technology and Intergraph software solutions across a wide breadth of industries in Canada.2 Articles

Bego Verdejo

Maria Begoña Verdejo is a Senior Presales Engineer with Hexagon Geospatial and works out of the Madrid, Spain office. She has been with Intergraph and Hexagon Geospatial for more than 28 years. Her expertise is in GIS, Publishing, Transportation, Remote Sensing and specializes in Photogrammetry and 3D applications. Bego's love for nature prompted her to study Surveying and Geodesy at the Technical University of Madrid. Her hobbies outside of work include skiing, tennis and photography. She also spends time helping the less fortunate and regularly engages in solidarity trips to Africa.2 Articles

Patrick de Groot

Patrick de Groot is the Sales and Operations Manager for Imagem, the official distributor of Hexagon Geospatial in the Benelux. In his role, Patrick manages all aspects of the business operation including customer relationship management, business development and marketing. With over 15 years of experience working for leading providers of advanced geospatial systems, he has a broad and solid perspective on implementing these solutions inside government, private sector and the academic world.2 Articles

Derrold Holcomb

Derrold Holcomb has been developing image processing software for 30 years. For most of that time, efforts were focused on advanced or experimental sensors. Currently, that category includes radar and hyperspectral imaging. Software development has always been viewed as a marriage between two components; a scientific understanding of the imaging phenomenology and a customer-based understanding of applications. A love of the Earth, informed by an M.S. in Geology and the unique perspective of remote sensing, has led to travels in over 100 countries. The travel focus has been on remote areas and varied cultures. Current study interests include history, historical travel and, increasingly, art.2 Articles

Ian Anderson, the Chief Product Owner for the desktop remote sensing and photogrammetry products, has worked with the company for over 21 years. He earned his Masters degree in Geography from the University of Cambridge, UK with a specialization was in biogeography and the uses of remotely sensed information. He insists that he is not the lead singer of Jethro Tull, and enjoys the original 1989 board-game Space Hulk and tinkering with his Jeep and Rover.2 Articles

Joao Pedro Fernandes

Joao Pedro currently works for Hexagon Geospatial as the EMEA Presales Manager, from Lisbon, Portugal. He has been in the geospatial industry for over 20 years, with special focus on Government and Transportation industries. He joined Intergraph in 1999 and has played various roles inside SG&I, including web applications development, project management and since 2006, the technical management of presales, marketing, professional services and customer support activities in his home country, Portugal. Before joining Intergraph, he was part of the implementation team of the Portuguese national SDI, at National Center for Geographic Information. His current professional interests include a wide variety of topics, including SDIs, Smart Cities, Cartographic Visualization, Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Joao Pedro holds a degree in Environmental Engineering from the New University of Lisbon, a Master of Science degree in GIS from the Technical University of Lisbon and an MBA, recently concluded at the Lisbon School of Economics and Management. He also holds a PMP® certification from the Project Management Institute. He enjoys spending his free time searching for perfect waves with his girlfriend and surf buddies along the sunny Portuguese coastline or elsewhere around the globe.2 Articles

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