Danny Kita

Danny Kita is an agile product owner of a development team and does product marketing for GeoMedia at Hexagon Geospatial. He has participated in projects such as GeoMedia 3D enablement, geospatial data fusion including edge matching and conflation; IMAGINE vector spatial model integration, and geospatial intelligence production solutions. Danny has over 20 years of experience with high resolution image capture, raster and vector data processing, color management, process automation, database driven publishing, content management, and map printing. Danny holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology. Danny served in the U.S. Navy and was involved in Operation Deep Freeze, where one of the supported missions was ice sensing in support of mapping for Antarctica.10 Articles

Chris Tweedie

Chris Tweedie directs all stages of the product lifecycle for ERDAS APOLLO and ECW technologies. He has been with Hexagon Geospatial for 6 years in Technical Sales and Product Management roles for what is now the Provider Suite. Not one to shy away from getting his hands dirty, he enjoys squeezing the most value out of the products built in the Australian development office including ERDAS APOLLO, ECW/JP2 SDK, GeoCompressor and ECW Plugins.7 Articles

Michael Ann Lane

I am an Applications Engineer, providing pre-sales for most of the Hexagon Geospatial Portfolio. I also work with the Education market, promoting and working with the Hexagon Geospatial U (University) program. I’ve been with the company for almost 16 years, in 5 different roles on 3 different continents. I love to travel, and my career at Hexagon Geospatial has enabled me to see the world. I am now back in the US, living in Colorado, enjoying this beautiful state. I love working at Hexagon Geospatial because everyone is genuinely dedicated. We take pride in what we do and everyone is always willing to help one another.7 Articles

Grace Micallef

Grace Micallef has over 18 years of experience in international sales management and business development in Information Technology and Geospatial industries. She has been with Hexagon companies since 2007. Currently based out of Melbourne in Australia, Grace is the executive director at Hexagon Geospatial. She heads the Asia-Pacific region, spearheading sales and strategic growth initiatives, and is focused on growing the region’s business through direct sales and the partner network. Grace is dedicated to delivering innovative geospatial solutions not only to traditional markets, but expanding the value of geospatial information to all industries.5 Articles

Jason Sims

Jason leads a global team of product marketers, core content creators, and field and marketing operations. With over ten years of experience within the geospatial industry, Jason has led marketing efforts across multiple Hexagon brands. At Hexagon Geospatial, Jason combines his lifelong love for maps, relevant technology, compelling stories around geography, and effective communications. While he enjoys content strategy, digital marketing, and the social media onslaught, he is also a family man, and tries to still find time for running, hiking/backpacking, and some non-work related travel.4 Articles

Robert Gammon

Robert Gammon has been working with Intergraph for approximately 15 years as an Executive Application Engineer. Robert has a Master of Science in Geography and GIS and has been developing geospatial analysis models for over 25 years. His recent professional activities include working with Intergraph customers from around the world to help shape Intergraph suite of spatial analytics and terrain processing products. These products include GeoMedia Desktop, GeoMedia 3D, Incident Analyst, and the Common Grid Analysis (CGA Platform). His previous posting was as Vice-President and Director of Operations at Keigan Systems where he was responsible for the planning, roll-out, support, and delivery of Keigan’s geospatial analysis products.4 Articles

Dave Holmes

Dave Holmes is currently a Business Consultant assisting with strategic marketing and business development for Hexagon Geospatial, a division of Hexagon. He has been with Intergraph / Hexagon Corporation for 31 years in different capacities including investment planning, sales operations, product management, and development.3 Articles

Zaiyong Gou

A veteran of ERDAS IMAGINE development, Zaiyong has been the head of its engineering team for 14 years. Graduated with a Ph.D. in GIS from the Ohio State University, he joined ERDAS in 1993 and has fought in the front line ever since.3 Articles

Lukasz Baraniak joined Intergraph in 2009 to work on the then existing GeoMedia SDI Pro and has been involved in server-side development ever since. He is a self-proclaimed software archaeologist, that loves to dig through layers of legacy code in search of software gems. Currently, Lukasz focuses on GeoMedia WebMap, but he also assists in Geospatial SDI and Geospatial Portal development.3 Articles